I work with individuals and teams of all sizes to solve problems at the intersection of fine art, the business of art, and web3 technology.

web3 companies
Pioneering blockchain and NFT companies struggle with the unique nature of the fine art market. Labor and materials do not determine prices and handshake culture prevails in this dynamic yet unregulated industry. ‍

Some web3 companies have trouble making inroads to test product-market fit. Others must solve scaling challenges like curating marketplaces and adding value to their community in an increasingly competitive landscape.
I help web3 companies engage in the fine art industry. Commissioning artists, forming strategic partnerships, guiding curating best practices, and leading DAO initiatives are some ways I create value for people, projects, and communities.
galleries and institutions
Confusion on how to integrate NFTs and blockchain into current business practices results in delays and missed opportunities.

I take on projects that solve business and technical challenges with becoming web3 ready, so galleries and institutions can save time, money, and focus on what they do best.

I work with the gallery owner/director, department head, or executive team for an interim period to generate a plan, align the team, implement the strategy, and get results.
Emerging to well-established artists come to me when they want clarity around the next steps  – whether it is feedback on their portfolio, help with the business side of marketing and selling their art, or guidance on launching NFTs and becoming Metaverse-ready. 
Artists approach me for help with navigating the complexities of Web3, from choosing a blockchain protocol, to minting and sales, pricing and release strategies, and beyond.
It's tricky to feel confident in the quality, price, and value of fine art. Over the last decade, collectors and investors have approached me for help with their collections.

I source hard-to-find artwork, assess quality and pricing, and create strategic plans to balance collections and portfolios. Clients rely on me for timely gut-checks at artist studios, galleries, art fairs, and auctions. 

Many collectors join my classes to deepen their knowledge and skills so they become less reliant on the opinions of professionals (including me).